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SHOCKWAVE Gel Technologies brings a step-change to Drill and Blast with STEMGEL™ Hydrogel Stemming. Completely replacing aggregate stem and consistently generating a superior, better controlled blast result, STEMGEL™ offers:

Improved safety on the blast bench.

Substantially more effective rock breakage and microfracturing.

Reduction in oversize material.

Fast and simple loading.

Reduced dust, noise and fume.

Protection of detonation cord and easy misfire fixing.

Compatibility with all explosives.

Effective blast control in both open cut and underground drilling situations.

Solution to hole water issues.

Non toxic and environmentally safe.

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Challenges solved by SHOCKWAVE Products

Poor blast control

Inconsistent stemming

High dust, noise and fume emissions

Ineffective and unsafe underground stemming

Poor Fragmentation

Down hole Water