STEMGEL SUB T™ is a game changer in underground blast stemming and safety.

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An all new underground stemming solution.

SHOCKWAVE Gel Technologies brings underground mining a stemming solution that far outperforms all current underground stemming options.

With an understanding of the unique challenges presented by mining underground, SHOCKWAVE has developed STEMGEL SUB T™ hydrogel stem and custom dosing equipment specifically designed to make underground blasting safer and more time and cost efficient, all while consistently producing a superior and better controlled result.

Stemming that holds in vertical holes

STEMGEL SUB T™ is a concentrated liquid reagent that is pumped hose-in-hose with water to form a hydrogel stem deck coupled to the explosive material and hole walls.

Setting in seconds, a SUB T™ stem deck will hold up to 50kg of its own weight in an overhead vertical hole.

Underground dosing equipment

SUB T™ can be loaded into underground blast holes using hand held pumps and SHOCKWAVE also supplies modified powered Gel Drives fitted with hose pushers specifically for underground applications.

Pre-packaged STEMGEL™ for manual loading

When Gel Drive equipment is difficult to use or unavailable, SHOCKWAVE’S POWERPILL™ is a quick and easy manually loaded stemming solution.

The POWERPILL™ is a ready-to-use pre-packed Hydrogel stemming pack. It’s manually inserted to couple with the explosive material and is shaped to expand for maximum contact with the blast hole wall.

Manually inserted using a rammer rod and head, it loads quickly.and doesn’t require a power dose system.

SHOCKWAVE stemming solutions have been proven to deliver:

Successful stemming of vertical up holes

Pre-stress blast control

Successful stemming of production drive holes

Vibration control

Easy to use gel drive powered dose systems

Pre packaged stemming

Hand pump stemming

Advancing Drill & Blast like never before.

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