Down Hole Dewatering Agent

DHDATM Data Sheet

The foremost choice to mitigate the detrimental effects of water in drilled blast holes.

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DHDA™ is a specially formulated dewater agent comprising mineral and polymer materials that react with the water in the hole to rapidly convert it into a solid hydrogel structure suitable for stemming.

Manually loaded as granules into the hole, DHDA™ filters through the water column, immediately converting to stemming hydrogel. The material expands to temporarily shut off or redirect dynamic water flow and explosives can be loaded directly on top.

DHDA™ is thermally stable and can be used across a wide range of operational temperatures. It’s able to absorb super-heated water under pressure, stabilising dynamic water flows and suited to plugging geo-venting hot holes.

Suitable as toe STEMMING deck water stabiliser in the base of the hole, and used to form a stem deck above the emulsion in displaced water.

Key benefits of using DHDA™

Easy to pour granules

Rapid solidification of water

Saves time and simplifies loading

Effective across range of water qualities

Can be used with all explosive types

Creates a P-wave reflecting deck

Can improve blast results

Environmentally friendly and non-hazardous

Advancing Drill & Blast like never before.

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