Underground stemming innovation

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A brand new solution to underground blast stemming technology.

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STEMGEL SUB T™ utilises STEMGEL’s unique concentrated liquid reagent and specialty polymer blend to successfully and safely stem underground pre-stress, vertical split, uphole and down hole production blasting.

SUB T™ will hold up to 50kg of its own weight in overhead vertical hole.

Fast and easy to load in the same fashion as emulsion loading, SUB T™ provides new capabilities for underground stemming that have been limited to air bags or plug barrier devices and offers a number of benefits.

Key benefits of using STEMGEL™ SUB T

Safe, quick and easy to load

Reflection of blast energy reduces risk of residual explosive ‘butts.

Substantially more effective rock breakage and microfracturing

Reduction in oversize material

Reduced dust, noise and fume

Allows for simple hole re-entry if needed

Compatible with all explosives

Non toxic and environmentally safe

STEMGEL SUB T™ is a true innovation in underground blast control that brings benefits, efficiencies and cost savings to the entire underground mining process.

Advancing Drill & Blast like never before.

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