A step-change in blast stemming technology.

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Energy-reflecting stemming product achieving more from every blast.

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STEMGEL LRC™ is a unique formula comprising a concentrated liquid reagent and specialty polymer blend which, when added to water, invert to form a solid hydrogel with a large attenuation coefficient.

STEMGELTM is loaded easily and efficiently, hose in hose with water, into the blast hole using powered dose pump applicators. Set in place as a stem deck coupled to the explosive compound, the STEMGELTM deck attenuates the pressure shockwave upon initiation of the blast.

The energy is compressed and reflected back into the formation, minimising energy loss and causing increased rock fragmentation. Gas expression is increased in the rock layers and STEMGELTM is ejected as water vapour, with lower air overpressure, noise and dust.

More cost effective stemming for a superior result.

When replacing aggregate as stem, STEMGEL™ can be loaded with lower stemming deck horizons so that users can recalibrate the depth of burial levels to increase the height of the explosive in the hole and decrease the stemming deck, all while achieving greater fragmentation.

One solution to multiple challenges

STEMGEL™ is suitable for use with all types of explosive and is also thermally stable so it behaves optimally across all operational temperatures. It’s able to absorb super-heated water under pressure, stabilising dynamic water flows, and STEMGEL™ is suited to plugging geo-venting hot holes.

Key benefits of using STEMGEL™

Improved safety on the blast bench

Substantially more effective rock breakage and microfracturing

Reduction in oversize material

Fast and easy to load

Reduced dust, noise and fume

Protects detonation cord and makes misfires easy to fix

Compatible with all explosives

Effective in both open cut and underground drilling situations

Counteracts hole water issues

Non toxic and environmentally safe

Eliminating the need to use aggregate as stem, brings significant benefits, efficiencies and savings to the entire mining process.

Advancing Drill & Blast like never before.

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