Pre-packaged hydrogel stem

Packed, activated and ready to load.

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The POWERPILL™ is a ready-to-load hydrogel stem pack containing pre-prepared STEMGEL™ in a soft shell plastic sleeve.

The POWERPILL™ is manually inserted into the blast hole after the explosive material to form a stemming deck that provides a targeted 98% attenuation of the Pressure wave.

Suitable for underground or rock blast applications, the POWERPILL™ is fast to load and provides a low cost stemming solution when aggregate is difficult to place in the stemming space.

Using the POWERPILL™ as an alternative to aggregate stem brings all the same benefits as other STEMGEL™ stemming methods: increased microfracturing, reduced noise, dust and oversize and increased safety.

Advancing Drill & Blast like never before.

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