Distributors / Licensees

A global network of Licensed Distributors and Service Providers dedicated to first class product application, client support, safety and project success.

SHOCKWAVE Gel Technologies holds the Intellectual Property and Patents for the full suite of  STEMGELTM products and Gel Drive dosing systems. We are currently growing our network of Authorised Distributors

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Distributor Opportunities

SHOCKWAVE offers Master Distributorship opportunities by Country or Region to established corporate entities who share our vision and seek to deliver enhanced performance and safety to drill and blast operations through innovative solutions that also provide environmental and economical benefits.

STEMGEL’STM unique and advanced technology is a game-changing innovation in the Drill and Blast space. It offers enormous growth potential to Distributors who can align with SHOCKWAVE’S commitment to integrity and unwavering client service.

By partnering with SHOCKWAVE Gel Technologies, Authorised Distributors can be assured of industry leading support for they and their networks of Licensed Service Providers, backed by innovative modelling software systems, ongoing R&D and support.

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Authorised Licensed Service Providers

SHOCKWAVE provides Drill and Blast contractors the opportunity to become a licensed user under an Authorised License agreement. Authorised Service Providers can access STEMGELTM  technology and Gel Drive dosing systems for both open cut and underground applications.

As part of the Authorisation and Licensing Process, all users are provided comprehensive product and equipment training on site at SHOCKWAVE’S specialised training facility. Completion of the training and proof of competency by individual Service Team Members is mandatory.

All Authorised Service Providers are provided with an unique Resource Centre Login to support them with ongoing unlimited access to:

  • An extensive SOP Library.
  • Custom Blast Design Software in which parameter changes using STEMGELTM can be modelled and saved for individual projects.
  • Technical support desk.
  • SHOCKWAVE’S Research and Development Forum for discussion around solutions to challenging or problematic blast situations.

SHOCKWAVE’s entire Licensee Network is also kept up to date with ongoing advancements in product and equipment development and new findings as they are discovered through ongoing use and Research and Development initiatives.

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Licensed Mine Site Users

Mining groups seeking to use SHOCKWAVE Patented IP must hold a Mine Users License Agreement with SHOCKWAVE Gel Technologies under their nominated Licensed Service Provider.

In the case that a Licensed Mine Site User employs an in-house team of Drill and Blast technicians, those staff will be required to undertake the mandatory product and equipment training and prove competency before being Authorised to use SHOCKWAVE’S IP on site.

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Current Distributors

Advancing Drill & Blast like never before.

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