Pre-Packaged STEMGEL™ Matting

Portable aboveground stemming mat

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BLASTMATTS™ are lightweight permeable paper mats prefilled with dry STEMGEL™ concentrate. The mats are activated simply by applying water which causes the STEMGEL™ to react and expand in place, forming an aboveground hydrogel blast damper.

BLASTMATTS™ are fully portable, and can be set in layers dry or can be pre-soaked depending on water access in each situation.Once hydrated and expanded to form a hydrogel barrier, BLASTMATTS™ effectively dampen air blast and noise as well as decrease fly rock.

The product can be used in conjunction with POWERPILL™ and STEMGEL™ LRC stem decks for maximum blast control.

BLASTMATT™ is ideal for surface rock blasting and when quarrying in sensitive locations.

Key benefits of using DHDA™

Easy to pour granules

Rapid solidification of water

Saves time and simplifies loading

Effective across range of water qualities

Can be used with all explosive types

Creates a P-wave reflecting deck

Can improve blast results

Environmentally friendly and non-hazardous

Advancing Drill & Blast like never before.

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