Stemming solutions that reliably deliver higher performance, consistency, cost efficiency and increased safety.

SHOCKWAVE’s suite of unique, safe and effective solutions increase productivity and profitability within the mining sector as well as delivering a number of operational and process solutions across the Civil and Military sectors.

  • Consistent blast hole stemming for all mineral types
  • Maximising blast effectiveness
  • Blast control
  • Wet Hole management
  • Noise and Dust reduction
  • Stemming for contour blasting
  • Hot hole stemming
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  • Stemming vertical up holes
  • Pre stress blast control
  • Stemming production drive holes
  • Vibration control
  • Powered dose systems modified for underground
  • Pre packaged stemming
  • Hand pump stemming
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  • Quarrying
  • Pipe Line Blasting
  • Road and rail cuts
  • Rock removal
  • Demolition
  • Blast control in populated areas
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  • Blast containment
  • Blast barriering
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