On September 8th, at their newly appointed training facility in Welshpool, Shockwave Directors Mason Trouchet and Damien Browne along with CEO Simon Lyons, hosted an exclusive invitation-only demonstration of key products from the company’s innovative STEMGEL™ hydrogel stemming product range.

We’re very excited to demonstrate right here in our purpose-built premises, the potential STEMGEL™ has to transform blasting. Not only in open cut mining but also in underground and surface applications

 Mason Trouchet

Trouchet led the sixty industry attendees through an informative presentation breaking down some of the science, explaining what each product is used for, and highlighting the versatility, cost efficiency, safety and environmental benefits of STEMGEL™ products compared to aggregate stem.

Staff then demonstrated the application and behaviour of STEMGEL™ in multiple applications. Into below-ground holes, into overhead vertical holes and into horizontal holes. The behaviour of the product was clearly visible through their clever custom built Perspex tube set-up. Down hole dewatering was also demonstrated as well as surface stemming using BlastMatts™.

At the end of the event, ease of use, blast energy reflection back into the hole and significantly increased fracturing were the benefits valued highest among attendees.

“These guys can now see exactly what we’re talking about when we say STEMGEL™ is easy to use and has so many exciting applications. You can see the lightbulbs really come on when people can see something in the flesh,” remarked Lyons. “We’re very keen to be partnering with many of today’s guests through Distributorships and User Licenses.”

Shockwave Gel Technologies is currently recruiting Distributors and Licensees across Australia and invites current distributors to contact them and arrange a similar demonstration for their clients at the Welshpool facility.

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