With a commitment to ongoing Research and Development, the SHOCKWAVE Group prides itself on a solid commitment to increasing safety, efficiency and profitability for blasting operations by delivering specialised solutions that also support sustainability and ecological care.

Integrated Equipment Services

SHOCKWAVE Group provides a range of Gel Drive Dosing Systems for application of STEMGEL™ materials into blast holes.

Through our group of partner companies, services include:

  • Open cut on site stemming applications
  • Multipurpose Stemming Trucks with operators to:
    • stem holes
    • suppress dust
    • conduct post-drill down-hole probing

Equipment User Training

SHOCKWAVE provides Gel Drive training services to all authorised SHOCKWAVE users and licensees as a requirement of the authorisation process.

Upon completion of the training modules , users will be certified for loading Stemgel for their operation. Training is conducted at SHOCKWAVE’s facility in Welshpool, WA.

Blast Consulting Services

All Authorised STEMGEL™ Distributors and Service Providers are provided access to Software in which parameter changes using STEMGEL™ can be modelled for consistent stemming deck and to show the impact of PW reflection on surrounding rock formations.

SHOCKWAVE specialty applications for STEMGEL™ :

  • Hot Hole stabilisation
  • Water in the hole stabilisation.
  • Vertical up stemming underground applications

Research and Development Services

The SHOCKWAVE Group brings together a number of industry-leading scientists, engineers, innovators and creators of solutions-based mining products, equipment and software.

With a commitment to continue bringing new innovations to the mining industry, SHOCKWAVE conducts ongoing R&D.